Aliens: Fireteam Elite - The Final Preview

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We take one last hands-on look at the three-player co-op shooter Aliens: Fireteam Elite ahead of its release next month on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Previewed by Kyle Campbell.

Stalwart Spaghetti
Stalwart Spaghetti 26 דקות לפני
Animations look awful.
Aaron Humphrey
Aaron Humphrey 27 דקות לפני
Looks kind of janky to me.
Rick Clark
Rick Clark 50 דקות לפני
Ps2 called- wants its plastic helmet hair back
TheHighHorse 56 דקות לפני
Giving me meh vibes.
themarcshark שעה לפני
Alien Isolation = a Gods send game for Alien fans. Hopefully this will be a fun shoot em up
scotty28653 שעה לפני
Basically World War Z with an Aliens skin...
Max Mason
Max Mason שעה לפני
it just looks like a cheap gears of war knock off... im pretty disappointed to be fair and im a massive Alien fan.
Chadwick McCarty
Chadwick McCarty 2 שעות לפני
I'm wondering how bad the microtransactions infestation will be?
Bat2theMan 2 שעות לפני
Invasion mode like Dying Light? Be pretty cool.
Mohammad Islam
Mohammad Islam 2 שעות לפני
Now make a single player version
Mark Bulloch
Mark Bulloch 4 שעות לפני
Just like world war z way aliens and graphics dont look anywhere like nex gen
Tom Jordan
Tom Jordan 4 שעות לפני
A.i. just running at you and following the same pathing
Lance James
Lance James 4 שעות לפני
'Mostly' Great subtle aliens reference! :D
JediRouge 5 שעות לפני
The sound of that pulse rifle 🥰🥰🥰
MrGE2014SE 6 שעות לפני
Thrak360 8 שעות לפני
Not gonna lie, looks fun. I’m there day one when this hits $20.
GSP 10 שעות לפני
The game looks meh... another movie cash grab it seems.
Louis 11 שעות לפני
The visuals of alien isolation are still superior to this game
THYPER 12 שעות לפני
Its like a third person Colonial Marines in my eyes.
Mind Less
Mind Less 13 שעות לפני
Ah yes, another common third-person cash-grab.
chris 33556
chris 33556 13 שעות לפני
can this be played single player with AI companions?
moose bait
moose bait 33 דקות לפני
Yes it can be
Lancelt666 13 שעות לפני
This looks so boring. 2 month after release and servers will be empty.
Matt H
Matt H 15 שעות לפני
World war z with aliens?
The Golden Boot Chronicles
The Golden Boot Chronicles 15 שעות לפני
Probably would have been better in first person but eh, I'll still play it
DaminionC 16 שעות לפני
who even wants this game anymore in 2021"?
C H 17 שעות לפני
alien's shouldn't be cannon fodder, it's just not fun.
Master Mirror Sung
Master Mirror Sung 17 שעות לפני
Multiplayer Only?? Nahhh
Gerrard Tin
Gerrard Tin 18 שעות לפני
Give credit where it's due: the devs got rid of the red cross ❌
Peter Vallance
Peter Vallance 19 שעות לפני
Too fast paced for my liking, looks OK but kills itself by challenging itself with the "Aliens" name.
Lord Dontay
Lord Dontay יום לפני
Gears of war aliens
Aldo Frias
Aldo Frias יום לפני
They should learn by Gears of War
Alllan Muc
Alllan Muc יום לפני
Is it j me or they should of made it first person instead of 3rd
LukkasZB יום לפני
Another clone of Gears of war
Dylan Pfannenstein
Dylan Pfannenstein יום לפני
My issue is that it’s 3rd person, and it’s a super wide side aim 3rd person too. Should’ve been a tighter camera like GR Breakpoint. Both for the tension, and better aiming in close quarters. Would’ve been cool to have that kind of cover system too, which is more reactionary to what you’re next to and your position. It’ll be fine as long as you can switch camera shoulders on this game. If not… then that’s a big oof.
FatalDragon69 יום לפני
Sounding great so-far but can it be played Solo as well or is it only co-op ??
Scott Reichert
Scott Reichert יום לפני
ugh. just release the game
Mr City
Mr City יום לפני
Im really looking forward to this
TT יום לפני
ill buy if we can do custom servers with 50 players and 100+ hordes of xenos
Push Cart
Push Cart יום לפני
Why all the fps looks the same these days? Like they don't ever change the UI lol
Matt Veldkamp
Matt Veldkamp יום לפני
No local coop? What a slap in the face. How dare you Gears of Aliens....
Troy Walt
Troy Walt יום לפני
Give us alien isolation 2 nobody cares about thiz
Ghtsdr יום לפני
Doesn’t capture anything about Aliens. They don’t just endlessly sprint at you from the front. They hunt you silently and methodically. In the movie a dozen highly trained marines were wiped out in a day, but here a couple people can kill a thousand in half an hour, with acid blood exploding in their face constantly. In the movie if the alien touches you you’re basically instantly dead. Here it’s a normal occurrence. Garbage.
Smokinbaker יום לפני
Kind of reminds me of outriders
Josef Svejk
Josef Svejk יום לפני
Not my Aliens game. Looks like World War Z with Aliens. Not interesting.
Simon Reah
Simon Reah יום לפני
Never get tired of the rifle fire sound!
Herb G
Herb G יום לפני
Looks like one for the fans of Days Gone😂 Glad if you like the look of this 🙏🏾
Kameleonic יום לפני
Bianca V. Servant
Bianca V. Servant יום לפני
Looks like gears of war engine
Arthur Wolff
Arthur Wolff יום לפני
Looks boring
I NEED SCISSORS 61!!!! יום לפני
ahh yes another generic and soulless multiplayer that'll be dead in a month
Whitewolf Studios
Whitewolf Studios יום לפני
That long?
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer יום לפני
New gears of war is looking tight!
Prox C
Prox C יום לפני
Would have looked and played better in 1st person.
Марат Саркисян
Марат Саркисян יום לפני
Из сильных чужих сделали кукол, да и еще в таком количестве, отстрел смешной 🤪 Тупая пародия на LFD Ужасно обидно за такую реализацию
Марат Саркисян
Марат Саркисян יום לפני
А ещё чужие маленькие какие-то
Computerface יום לפני
Stop talking!
Chris H
Chris H יום לפני
Worthless Preview. Go watch gamespot's instead
Timmy Bipolarbear
Timmy Bipolarbear יום לפני
Why would you make this 3rd person? 1st person would make the atmosphere and tension considerably better.
Georgio 117
Georgio 117 יום לפני
Somebody say gears of war ?
Blaise ingyou
Blaise ingyou יום לפני
at 0:16 you can see the aliens bugged already, all jumping to one spot, this is gonna be colonial marines allover again.
Master Mirror Sung
Master Mirror Sung 17 שעות לפני
Well the sort of fixed colonial marines but still bad....
DirtBike Bloggers
DirtBike Bloggers יום לפני
2000s Aliens vs Predator 2 still always be the best game EVER! [USMG] FOR LIFE!!
r s
r s יום לפני
how much anyone wanna bet the enemy ai will be dumb and run straight at you at release
Tim Moschini
Tim Moschini יום לפני
Looks like Gears of War + Xenomorphs...I'll take it.
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson יום לפני
All these throw away games fly by might games that lack depth and replay value. Gaming has changed for sure this gen.
Johann Adam Weishaupt
Johann Adam Weishaupt יום לפני
This just looks very average…. like almost every other Alien game.
luc c
luc c יום לפני
its a no..
Adán Arterius
Adán Arterius יום לפני
If there isn't enough content, pvp multiplayer , or cross play , this thing will die in less than a year, probably will have the same fate as Evolve, anyone remembers that game?
Bernardino Ribeiro Júnior
Bernardino Ribeiro Júnior יום לפני
Alien version of Left 4 Dead...
seth meek
seth meek יום לפני
aliens:fireteam elite Just another Gears of War Clone Gears has better movment, shooting, and aliens to battle. Why cant they just make the game scary and not an action title?
Adam Mathews
Adam Mathews יום לפני
Fireteam of 3? Well its not a team with just 3 people football team has 11 players and the film had 10+ marines why not 5man + teams? game will die quick if they don't change it
The Mobius Squadron
The Mobius Squadron יום לפני
Cover system is for the enemy androids who will have guns...
Ben Houk
Ben Houk יום לפני
The enemy AI just looks so boring.
jedi mind trick
jedi mind trick יום לפני
the movement looks kinda janky, or is it just me?
vinni3c יום לפני
Alien Army 4: Fireteam War
Daniel Broderick
Daniel Broderick יום לפני
This and dead space reveal made my day
TinfoilTomcat יום לפני
This is just gears of war...the animations are even the same
Mike Anderson
Mike Anderson יום לפני
I've got a bad feeling about this drop...
Daniel Ip
Daniel Ip יום לפני
I’m buying it period
Elliot יום לפני
Pretty sure they would of melted holes in the ship with all that blood and be in vacuum and dead. Just saying.
Bob Jones
Bob Jones יום לפני
Looks like GOW
Justin Uzo
Justin Uzo יום לפני
It wont be that bad at all. Watching the gameplay heavily reminds me of world war z. Wasnt great, wasnt terrible. In my honest opinion, id rather play an aliens version of wwZ. It could have been made better. Aliens and the different types of them swarming you on a ship is alot more suited to the gameplay style that is ww Z
AtomicR4y יום לפני
This gameplay feels just like gears of war
Radec Stark
Radec Stark יום לפני
The game is meant like left 4 dead Play it have fun come back to it at your own time
Deepak Kumar Singh
Deepak Kumar Singh יום לפני
why the blood isn't melting anything?
B S יום לפני
Doesn’t look accurate, suspenseful, or challenging in any way.
Christian Kapp
Christian Kapp יום לפני
Should definitely have a first person mode
Cameron Luney
Cameron Luney יום לפני
Looks like a Mashup up/re-skin of world War z and gears...
Tony Luo
Tony Luo יום לפני
Looks like Gears of War: Alien
Christopher Brelsford
Christopher Brelsford יום לפני
Xeno pathfinding has me worried. Looks like many just run at you in a straight line... Bringer back colonial Marines memories...*shudders*
SeñorLime יום לפני
Lets hope its not another colonial mariens
Ducktle יום לפני
S S יום לפני
Looking forward to having fun with this Aliens hybrid of Left 4 Dead/WWZ.
randomfox יום לפני
Yup Still looks really bad
Bailey Doyle
Bailey Doyle יום לפני
Can you play it single player?
Ant Stark
Ant Stark יום לפני
All they had to do was make it first person 😔
Kelvin Vazquez Lopez
Kelvin Vazquez Lopez יום לפני
Gears of war but with aliens
cody roark
cody roark יום לפני
I've been searching youtube the past months trying to find gameplay that looks solid in this game and I'm sorry to say it just looks so mundane and boring this game will get old blindingly fast
Roger Out
Roger Out יום לפני
Agreed... But it's aliens.. I'll wait till it's about $10 or on xbox game pass
Noctem יום לפני
looks like it will get boring ridiculously fast
2a4me יום לפני
They should have a horde game mode and see how long you can hold out
Xavier Ayala
Xavier Ayala יום לפני
Now make one that allows us to be the alien
2a4me יום לפני
Gameplay and graphics look great..what worries me will there be enough content to keep playing it.
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